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Titan Teaches Acceptance part 6

           The dog is skin and bones. It is undisciplined. You can tell it yearns for affection. It was so excited to get the hot dogs and water. It has scars on its head. It might have been a rescue. It was scary to look at and to touch. Now just to let you know I haven’t brought the doghouse yet. I was waiting until I could save enough money to get a great doghouse. One that God would give… the best. But another remarkable thing that is happening is that my husband is searching with me. He is looking for a doghouse too.
                I was so excited to have support. Then it rained. I mean a down pour. Thank God it was short lived but it was heavy. For twenty minutes all I could think about was poor puppy. Finally the week I was going to buy the doghouse, I was walking my dog around the house again and the puppy was loose it was in the other neighbor’s patio. She said to me, “What do you think of this dog?” I went over to her patio and we discussed the puppy. There were tears in her eyes as she talked about the rain and the treatment of the puppy. We discussed how she has been feeding it too. She thought she was the only one. She said the man is nice. She had spoken with him. He said that he feeds the dog once a day.
                She wanted to go inside and so I took the puppy to play with my dog. But what to do with the puppy when I want to go inside? There it was, the opportune moment, the moment of God’s salvation, the moment that will of peace, God’s invitation to move. So I went over to the puppy’s owner’s house and I knocked.  I told him that the puppy was off the lease.
      Titan   I asked him if I could have the puppy. I said “look at my dog, he is overweight and needs more exercise. Look at your dog, it is underweight and needs more food. Our dogs can help each other.” He hemmed and hawed.  I added, “I can pay you.” He perked up and said “how much?” I replied, “Fifty dollars”. He said “OK.” It was done. That starving, dying, cold, skinny, ugly, abused, beautiful, God-sent puppy was mine. Thank God.
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