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Titan Teaches Acceptance part 9

ImageYou’ve never thought about it that way, have you? Well, neither had I. But Jesus teaches that if you break just one of the commandments in the law, which is the 10 commandments and about 600 other laws that was set down by  

Moses, then you have broken them all. This very statement makes every sin we commit big or small equal. Now being a Christian, on

the cross, Jesus died for our sin for all time past, present and future. So…so far Jesus has given us acceptance, and forgiveness.

When Jesus died on the cross, His death eradicated the Sin of unbelief. Unbelief in what, you might ask? Unbelief in the fact that He

died on the cross and provided to us healing, wholeness, preservation and prosperity among other things.  When you spend time,

acceptance these realities about what we have been given, your mentality changes and you can extend acceptance and forgiveness

to others.

              The best part is that you want to forgive others. You want them to continue to move forward. You begin to realize that a
blessed life is worth it and should be shared. You stop worrying about whether or not you have what it takes or whether you are good
enough. You accept that you are worth it and good enough. Did you read what I said? You accept yourself and by accepting yourself
you are able to accept others. You accept yourself not based on your performance but based on the performance of Jesus. Boy, am I
thankful that I can lean on someone else’s performance. Where is else that possible? Imagine if my neighbor was able to have people
consider his performance with Titan through the lens of my performance with Titan.

              He wouldn’t have had to deal with the ASPCA. He wouldn’t have had to feel unwanted. He 

wouldn’t had have to moved. He wouldn’t have had to feel condemned and who knows what great things he could he have provided

the neighborhood instead. As a matter of fact, right after he left someone moved into one of the rental houses in the neighborhood. It

was a family from Maryland. The mother was watching me walk my dogs and asked about them. After several weeks of talking casually,

she decided that she wanted a puppy. I told her about my neighbor. I said that he had several dogs and she might want to talk to him.

But when I went to tell him that was when I learned that he was gone. I wonder if she ever got a puppy.

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                                                                                       Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

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