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Everything Is Different….Now That I Have You…Chapter 2: Mercy

It’s interesting running into people from my past. Just seeing them stirs up old memories and feeling. I guess everyone is like that but it seems new to me. I do have the blessing of forgetting after a period of time. I’m a lot less forgetful lately. Since I learned about the Grace of God and received freedom from self-condemnation, everything is different.                 For example, I was shopping in the local grocery store with my husband and I saw the lead singer of the church I use to attend with her husband. She didn’t see me but he did. We exchanged glances but not words. My husband, if he had seen them, would have spoken, but not me. Why you ask? The answer is simple…Memories.                 I frequented that church for 3.5 years. I started going because I was helping a friend get back on his feet. He lost his business, roommate, house and his Identity was stolen at the same time. I know. He was in a bad way. He needed a friend. He was devastated. He was shattered emotionally.                 At the same time, I was on an emotional roller coaster of my own. I was renewing my faith in God, trying to improve my marriage and get rid of some unholy behavior I had developed over the course of my marriage. This behavior was condemning my soul. The condemnation was killing me literally.                 I was sick all the time. I had headaches and my stomach ached. I cried all the time. I know that I had to change and I needed God to help me. I also thought I had to do something in order to earn God’s help. I didn’t know what it was but I messed up in my walk with him somehow. I was following my husband’s lead and well here I am or better yet there I was.

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