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Everything Is Different….Now That I Have You….Mercy part 5

I explained that we were living together but we were convinced God brought us together. We were sharing the same house because he was renting a house and received a foreclosure notice from the bank. The owner wouldn’t answer his calls and the landlord didn’t know what to tell him. I, on the other hand, had a house but it was also in foreclosure. The difference was that I was working with a third party company to modify the loan.

So we decided that since he had to move he would move in with me and our combined forces could probably save my house. The pastor said “so for financial reasons you would defy God?” “How can I bless a marriage that has already begun in sin?” I was shocked at his response and his chuckle. That statement confirmed it. He did not like me. No mercy. No forgiveness. No Grace.

To his credit he did ask me to make an appointment to talk about this later after I protested. I was talking to him in the hall again. He said it wasn’t the proper time to discuss the matter. My current husband and I left the church shortly thereafter. I couldn’t shake the condemnation I felt every time I looked up at the pastor on the pulpit. I was tired of being condemned. I needed to see God. Where was Jesus?

When I saw his staff in the Wal-Mart, it all came rushing back to me. I guess I have unforgiveness in my heart. As I am retelling this story to you, I must stop and declare that I forgive that pastor. Then I am going to ask God to forgive me and to help me to eradicate this unforgiveness in my heart. I believe that when I confess my sins, it is like therapy as God forgives my sins and cleanse me from all unrighteousness.

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