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Everything Is Different…Now That I Have You…Mercy part 6

The great news is that I went looking for Jesus after I left the church and I found Him. I married my current husband and I started to study the bible and I follow other pastors. I have received God’s grace and I learned that there is no condemnation in Christ. I know that I know that I know that God loves me and that he is magnified by pleasure of prospering me. I know that I am the righteousness of God and nothing I do will ever change that as long as I believe in Jesus and his finished works on the cross.

I gave up trying to be good enough. I gave up trying to prove that I deserved to have a happy marriage and that I was blessed by God. I gave up trying to earn my salvation. Instead I went looking for Jesus and He saved me. I went looking for Jesus and He made me righteous. He gave me peace and wisdom and understanding. He accepted me. He believes in me. He loves me. Thank you Jesus, I love you because you first loved me. Next time I see anyone from my old church I am going to speak to them.

I have never looked up the word Mercy before. I have said the word mercy. When I was a child we used to arm wrestle. I have two brothers. We were in competition over who was the strongest a lot. During the arm wrestling match, if you wanted to quit the code word was “Mercy”. That is how I learned to define the word mercy.

However, recently I have discovered, through study with God that mercy involves a bit more than avoiding pressure or pain. Mercy is defined in Webster’s dictionary:

It’s a kind and gentle treatment of someone (as a wrongdoer or opponent) having no right to it or a blessing as an act of divine love or a fortunate happening and finally it could be kindness shown to victims of misfortune.

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