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Count Down To The Release of My New Book My Dog Gets It…11 Reflections of Humbleness

If you have enjoyed the inspirational stories of Titanium Tinkleberry, who through this blog has taught us about such things like acceptance and independence, then you will love My Dog Gets it. 11 Reflections of Humbleness. It is funny, inspiring and sweet. It is for young and old Christian unlike. It is also for the non Christian considering Jesus. If you love dogs and Jesus then you’ll love this book.

Have you ever wondered what the relationship between you and God looks like? Have you ever wondered how you find a new life with Jesus Christ? Well, you have seen it and I have seen it, and now we can read about it in the book My Dog Gets It. 11 Reflections of Humbleness. In this book, GE Williams takes you on a journey of discovery found in the simple relationship between you and your dog. Together, they can help you find the answers you have been looking for.

Get it before it is released and save $5 on the shipping. Put your order in by emailing GE Williams at and making a $10 donation to Parley Pioneers Inc at Put “I would like a copy of your book” in the subject line, with the reference number of your $10 donation and we will send you the book. Thank you for your support.

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