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Salt and Light part 2

Salt Lowers the Freezing Temperature of Water


Have you ever heard of a cold heart? I use to be accused of having this type of heart when I was younger. I know you can’t believe it but it’s true. My Dyspraxia makes it hard for me to show empathy for others. When I was younger, I didn’t understand that I have the problem. So needless to say I hurt a lot of people’s feelings. For example, I can remember back in high school when a good friend of mine lost her dog. It had been poisoned. She was devastated.

She came to school that day crying. She told all of my friends, they consoled her. The asked her questions and offered her assistance. When I found out…well…I laughed. I said so… just get another dog. They thought I was terrible for my comments and lack of empathy. I didn’t understand back then that other people had feelings. Honestly, I can’t say that I am much better today but I can say that by studying the bible and experiencing God’s Grace, I have learned how to put on His nature and I understand the emotion even if I don’t feel it.

As spiritual salt I am commissioned by God to lower the temperature of freezing water so the water takes longer to freeze. I am to be like Jesus in this world sharing the Good News. By being an example, I allow Jesus to turn the freezing water in another person’s life, which doesn’t move and is dead, into warm water, which is active and living. However in the example above I didn’t know Jesus and I didn’t understand how much God loves me. So as a result I couldn’t share that love with others. Thank God for the Holy Spirit not giving up on me. Today, my heart stays warmer longer because I now understand that God loves me and that I have been set free from the prison of sin. I understand that as the righteousness of God there is nothing I can do to become unrighteous to God. He wants me to live a life that is pleasing to Him and He wants to help me do it successfully. Because the Trinity has loved me first I can love others.

These days I respond much better. I still hurt people’s feeling but this time I know when I am about to do it and can give them fair warning. However, I am not as quick to speak if I can’t add to making the situation better. I have learned when a hug is needed and some encouraging words. Jesus has shown me when my heart should break and at times it does, right on cue. But even when I don’t have a clue how to respond I can think of how Jesus would respond and He is always right.

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