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Salt and Light part 3

Salt Causes Rust

                I used to cause rust. I use to attach myself to people to until the relationship eroded away. I would approach people with the right way to do things and condemn them if they decided that way wasn’t right for them. I was trying to live a life that was pleasing to God and holding everyone around me accountable to my impossible standards. I see this often. For example, I had a friend once who got pregnant by a guy who didn’t want to be a father.

                She decided to abort the baby because she thought couldn’t afford it on her own. I felt for the baby. I offered my support physically and financially. She decided to get an abortion. So we went to the abortion clinic and outside the clinic people were picking. They were holding signs and forbidding us to go inside. They were condemning us. They told us we were going to Hell.

                I don’t believe in abortion but I also don’t believe condemnation is the way to get someone to do the right thing. Sometimes we Christians take what we know and use it as ammo to demolish souls. I know because I use to be that way. Jesus has taught me that I can’t go around spreading truth without also spreading equal amounts of grace. Then Grace will bring mercy and together these ingredients will bring God’s people home.

                My friend changed her mind. She didn’t abort the baby. She did leave through. I didn’t see the baby grow up. The last time I saw her she was happy to have the baby and but she didn’t want anything to do with her former life. She went were she was accepted and she didn’t have memories of being condemned. Some may say that fear and condemnation worked…she kept the baby. That is may be true but her soul was corroded and too much corrosion destroys.

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