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Salt and Light part 4

Salt Preserves


                My husband displayed a great example of this. He was married before like me. Unlike me his last relationship produced a child. His ex-wife eventually remarried as well and his daughter was in the wedding. He said to me that we are going to the wedding. I thought WHAT? Why? Do you still have feelings for her? Are you trying to compare weddings?

                He simply answered back. My daughter is in the wedding and she asked me to be there. It is important to show her that I am ok with her mother’s choice to move on with her life. I need her to see that no matter what I will still be her father and she is still my daughter. She needs to also see that my new wife is supportive of her. It is important that you support me in this even if you don’t agree as of yet.

                Salt preserves relationships, the gospel and us. God preserves us by protecting us, guiding us and strengthening us. He heals us when we are sick and encourages us when we are troubled. He hugs us in our day dreams and comforts us through long night. As such He is an example of how we should treat others. This year I got to spend 4 consecutive weeks with my step daughter alone. I really liked spending time with her. As a result, I got her mother a Christmas present. Why? Because I am thankful that she exists and that I got the chance to know her.

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