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Salt and Light part 5

Salt Tastes Good


                Have ever heard someone say’ “Boy that person leaves a bad taste in my mouth?” That usually happens when we are spending time with someone and after we leave we feel worse than when we first arrived. Or we went there for help and we just got more tired. Salt tastes good. We want to add it to our food. We crave it. It is satisfying.

                When my husband and I were dating, he used to come to my house and pick me up. One time he came over and asked if he could use the bathroom. My bathroom was panted light blue and on the wall hung a puzzle that was in the shape of a dove. The picture on the puzzle was multifaceted. It was representations of Jesus’s birth, death and activities in between.

                I completed that puzzle several years earlier and glued it together. Then I laid it on a poster board that matched the shape of the dove. I hung it up by putting thumb tacks in the wings. Since it had been hanging there so long, the tacks at the bottom potion of the puzzle would no longer stay in the holes. I didn’t want to make several holes in the puzzle so I left it.

                That day when my husband went to the restroom, he pushed in the thumb tack with enough force to reattach it to the wall. He didn’t tell me anything. He didn’t think much of it. But I did. Later on that evening I went to the restroom and I saw the thumb tack securing the picture to the wall once again. It melted my heart.

                My husband didn’t move the puzzle. He didn’t break the wall or the puzzle. He didn’t tell me that I need a more secure way to hold the puzzle up. He didn’t change the thumb tacks to nails. He simply made what was already there work better. He saw the puzzle decided it had value and valued it. His salt tastes good. He entered a situation and left it better then when he got there. He didn’t mention it and he didn’t want anything for his trouble. But I married him because of it.

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