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Mad At God part 1

I wasn’t accustomed to hanging out in bars or that type of lifestyle but I was willing to make my husband happy. Who knows, it might make me happy too. Then one night it was raining and I was with my friend and some of her guy friends. We were at a restaurant, happy hour after work. We were ready to go and one of the guys offered to get my car. I thought I know it is raining but maybe I should just get the car myself to be on the safe side.

                So I told him, “no thank you.” Then he said, “Well if you are willing to get wet then will you take me to my car.” I said, “Sure.” At this point everyone knew my status. I was very vocal about being married. At the time it was a badge of honor for me and I thought announcing it would put any false play thoughts at bay. So I got my car. I figured that it was Ok to take him to his car because we were hanging out as a group and at least I am in the driver’s seat. So I am in control.

                When we both got into the car I drove to his car and said my goodbyes but he wouldn’t get out. He said, “If you kiss me then I will get out.” I thought I don’t know what to do. I said, “but I told you I am married.” He said, “So I won’t tell.” I said, “Just get out.” He said, “Make me.” Now you can call me naive or stupid. You might think that I should have left my car and gotten wet. Maybe you think I should have never been in that situation to start with.

                Well, whatever you think you might be right. But I didn’t run. I trusted myself. I figured I could handle the situation. I didn’t want to make a scene. So I took the path of least resistance. Maybe part of me was flattered by the fact that he wanted to kiss me. Maybe I wanted some of that experience that my husband was always talking about that I needed.

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