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Great Faith part 6

Then through my desperation, severe fearfulness and unbelief in Jesus’s finish works on the cross, The Holy Spirit spoke. Actually Joel Osteen spoke; I didn’t know what the Holy Spirit sounded like yet. Eventually God did give me ears to hear the Holy Spirit, who was probably always speaking. I was just too busy to listen. Anyways, preachers are there to help us, right? O.K.

So the Holy Spirit spoke to Joel Osteen and he wrote a book that spoke to me. In the book, Joel taught me about making declarations about what I wanted in my life. This involved dreaming and spending time with God to get to know Jesus. Then the Holy Spirit spoke directly to me. He said. You are not perfect. (There’s a shocker. No really, I was Shocked.) But Jesus is and through the blood of Jesus you are made perfect.

Then I bumped into Creflo Dollar. He scared me at first. But I got hungry for more direction after reading Joel Osteen. So I took a leap of faith and listened to Creflo one time. Then I did it again. Eventually, I enrolled in a program on his website. This program had me study, mediate on and repeat certain verses found in the bible. The program was supposed to take 30 days but it took me 6 months.

I really wanted to give it my all. I repeated verses like “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7), over and over again. I drew them. I dreamed about them until one day my belief in the fact that the lord had given me the spirit of fear was replaced. I began to value a sound mind, love and power. I use to value fear. I thought it made me strong. I thought it gave me an edge. In reality, all it did was hold me back.

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