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Presence Matters part 1

Presence matters. In an American court room, there is a judge, a defendant, a prosecutor, a jury, a bailiff, a lawyer, a witness and a record keeper. When a person takes the stand he/she swears to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. He/she puts their right hand on the bible and raise their left hand.
Now there are a lot of important people in a court room. The judicial system has a very important job of upholding the United State Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and the laws of the state. A person that takes the stand in court could swear on some very fundamental and important items such as: The American Flag, The Constitution or the court itself. But these items, although important, don’t carry majesty. They don’t carry enough weight to produce a reverent fear or respect against lying.

Instead a person takes the stand in an American court room and swears to tell the truth with his right hand on the bible and his left hand raise in a surrender position. This position and confession sometimes isn’t enough to guarantee a truthful confession but it still speaks volumes as a practice. The American people believe when you step into a court room and place your hand on that bible, you should be telling the truth because God is watching.
There is a big controversy over whether there should be prayer in public schools or if we should say in the Pledge of Allegiance the words “under God”. Well, we swear by the bible in a court room because we believe that God is the highest authority in the known universe. That respect or reverent fear has weight because we, as a society, invoke His presence. We believe that we have a creator that loves us and is involved in our lives. Our great county was founded primarily because we wanted to serve God in a more personal manner. His presence has motivated, encouraged and inspired us, as a country, to do great things. The point is… presence matters.

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