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Presence Matters part 7

“Then Eliphaz, a native of Teman, responded:
If one tries to answer you, will you be annoyed?
But who can hold words back?
Look, you’ve instructed many
and given strength to drooping hands.
Your words have raised up the falling;
you’ve steadied failing knees.
But now it comes to you, and you are dismayed;
it has struck you, and you are frightened.
Isn’t your religion the source of your confidence;
the integrity of your conduct, the source of your hope?” (Job 4: 1-6 CEB).

Have you ever heard that before from a friend? Although it is true, it isn’t very comforting. Rejection hurts. Faith just gets harder in the midst of rejection.
But majesty makes the difference between a friend’s advice or the advice of a self-help book. When we realize that the creator of the universe is for us. He is with us and believes in us. He has died for us. He guides us every day of our lives. He has great things stored up for our future. When we believe these things there is no question if we should shake off an event for a greater promise.

“But I would seek God, put my case to God,
who does great things beyond comprehension,
wonderful things without number; who provides rain over the earth’s surface,
sends water to the open country, exalts the lowly, raises mourners to victory;
who frustrates the schemes of the clever so that their hands achieve no success,
trapping the wise in their cleverness so that the plans of the devious don’t succeed. They encounter darkness during the day, and at noon they fumble about as at night.
Yet he rescues the orphan from the sword of their mouth, the needy from the grip of the strong; so the poor have hope and violence shuts its mouth,” (Job 5:8-16).

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