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Strong Desire part 1

That night at the event she followed him around. Something strange was taken place as she looked at the other participants. She was getting these “who does she think she is” stares. “She should be ashamed of herself”. “Isn’t she married?” “Jezebel!” looks. You know the ones. It was like they all knew something that she didn’t. So the question on your mind is, “Was she sleeping with this “Cowboy Casanova?” Well the answer is “no.” However, throughout her dealings, she realized that a female doing business in the same way as a man would, by meeting people and hanging out, well she gets very different results.
All of a sudden, she started to feel shame. For what, what was she doing wrong? She knew that the organizer liked her. She knew that given the chance he would make her his. But what she wanted was too important to stop the charade. She wanted to get ahead. She needed to succeed, no matter the cost. But she wasn’t selling nutrition anymore. Well she told herself that she was, but he wasn’t interested in what she was selling.
He knew that she didn’t have a clue of what she was really selling. She was an easy target. He had grown up a Christian and understood her belief system. He understood it better than she did. He had long ago renounced his belief in God, especially Jesus. He understood her desires. Her lack of understanding made her weak. It made her desirable to him. He had asked her about her husband. That man wasn’t right for her. He obviously didn’t protect her because she is out alone.
He could use her. She had accomplished things in her life that he wasn’t able to. She was desperate for attention and love. Her husband has neglected her and she was crying out for help. He felt extremely confident that he could make her leave her husband and follow him. He had ways to ensure his success and he was eager to exploit her emotions to solidify her allegiance to him.

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