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Strong Desire part 5

However, he had a hold on her that she couldn’t understand but she knew that the time had come to move on without him. She felt a peace about it. However he wasn’t letting go that easy. He told her that she was being silly and offered to put her up in a fancy hotel to relax. He said he would order her wine and set a bath for her. They have room service and it would be a prestigious hotel in the middle of town. He would make her feel wanted, important even. He was so close to having her allegiance. She would have a hard time getting rid of him. He was going to make sure of it.
But something was happening to her. She was on a path that was freeing her from his hold. She was constantly being reminded to study her bible from TV shows and books. She was learning what she meant to God. Eventually around Easter time, she met Him, Jesus. Flabbergasted by what she had learned about Him, she got angry. She could not believe in all her years of going to church and being a Christian she missed this truth.
She had found the part that she missed all her life. She understood that she wasn’t her own savior and the organizer wasn’t her savior. God had already provided her with a Savior. She learned that she wasn’t alone in her journey. God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit had been with her the whole time. She believes that God loves her just as she was. She finally accepted forgiveness for the choices that lead her to lose everything. She finally felt loved, comforted and like she was enough. Once again the organizer called. This time she had moved on for good. It took a lot of courage to tell him but she knew she was no longer alone. So she said, “I have to tell you something. I am engaged and my Fiancee says, “Please don’t call me again.”

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