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Strong Desire part 6

It was a difficult thing to do but somehow she knew her future depended on her ability to flee from him. She spends lots of time with Jesus these days. She has been able to share His love with others. He saved her life when she realized she was forgiven, accepted and loved. She still thinks about that split decision and those words “this isn’t going to work.” She knew that was the Holy Spirit. He gave her the courage to move on completely.
Most of our desires start out pretty harmless. We desire things that are good for us like having a profession. We desire to make enough money. Some of us desire acceptance or approval. We desire husbands or wives. We desire popularity and wit. The problem starts when regardless of the cost, we have to have it. When we can’t live without it that desire becomes so strong that it starts to control us and anything that controls us becomes our God. This struggle isn’t new to mankind. We see it in the creation story of Adam and Eve found in book of Genesis.
The newly created couple desire to be like God. Their desire was so strong that when given the opportunity by Satan they took it regardless of the cost. What is so wrong with wanting to be like God? Nothing. It should be our ultimate goal in life as Christians. However, we should want to do it God’s way not any way. What is wrong with wanting love, acceptance, money, success, etc? Nothing. But when we go at it alone forging ahead with no regards to God’s will for our lives the consequences can be dyer.
By doing it anyway we can get it, we become our own Gods and we make other things God. We begin to sacrifice for the blessings of success, prosperity and beauty. We enter into a form of worship where we become consumed with obtaining that goal. Deep down in our hearts, we have been convinced that accomplishing that will fulfill us. In the story above, the poison that the girl was drinking was the lie that she needed the organizer. When our passions replace our God there is this hunger that cannot be satisfied. It is a tell-tale sign that we are headed for disaster.

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