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What’s in a name? Part 4

I’d like to expand on or topic of what’s in a name. I’d like to take a look at the subject from a different angle. Growing up after my accident, I spent a lot of time avoiding names or labels. Maybe I felt that I was fighting against them because as we just discussed there is a lot tied up in a name for good and for bad. I enjoy watching movies and many times as it might for you, there is a line or a plot in some of them that are so meaningful to me it causes me to keep that movie close. Now when I say close, I mean that I watch them often, I own them copies and I value them.

Why you ask? Because something about them speaks to me. I know…I know…you think I am crazy and you might be right, but follow my logic anyway. Have you ever seen the movie The Never Ending Story? It was a children’s PG movie released in 1984. The movie is about a boy who enters the land of imagination through a book. In the story he is reading, the empress of the land has becomes deathly ill. She is dying. She needs a savior who believes in her and her world. The reason she is dying is because she is being killed by a massive form of unbelief that has taken over her world. It is called “The Nothing.”

She has been watching the boy while he reads the book. She has seen him go through his emotional ups and downs as the story unfolded. He is the savior of her world, but he doesn’t believe it. He can save her world by giving her a new name. He through following the story knows this and has already chosen a name for her. But he figures that the story isn’t real and he’s just a boy, so how could he help. The empress asks him to do what he has decided to do in his head. But he can’t be believe that he is that valuable or that his belief is that important… What it’s in a name?

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