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Get Understanding part 2

When I had to make a decision based on those questions, I was lost and open to incomplete suggestions and influences. I was like the wind blowing in whatever direction seemed right. Ultimately finding myself getting involved in evil practices as it were. I was gaining knowledge but still lacking understanding about how my life was going to be affected by my current choices. I didn’t have time to wait or listen to sound advice. Sound advice takes longer. I needed instant gratification.

But today, after learning about Jesus and making Him my lord and Savior, I understand the importance of answering those finer distinction questions before I venture out into the world. I find myself rejecting lots of ideas and concepts that seem to go against God’s way of thinking. When I say against God’s way of thinking, I mean following a way of thinking that leads back into fear and condemnation. Anything that clogs up the peace I have developed by listening and following the Holy Spirit. Here are some resources that have been very helpful to me in maintaining my stance with Christ.

Pastor Andy Stanley of North Point Church in Atlanta, Ga. Has a website, podcast and TV series called Your Move. During these 30 minutes lessons he deals with real life choices and the idea of better decisions and fewer regrets. He covers lots of topics like relationships, finance, sex and more. But he is not over the top in religious jargon that we cannot understand how to apply the teachings to our lives. He doesn’t ask for money or have a 12 step guide to being happy. The teachings are bible based and he reviews scripture with clarity. If you are looking to get understanding, he is a great resource especially if you have found reading the bible frustrating. He speaks to believer in Jesus and non believers alike.

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