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It was a sad day yesterday, june 20th. Diamante, my reflection of humbleness, passed away. She was 12 years old. I cried a lot. She was very special to me. As the day progressed, I thought about the hard decisions that we have to make in life that teach us courage and how to let go.

It has been a tough year.While finishing the second installment of My Dog Gets It 2: Grace For The Human Condition, I started experiencing short term memory loss and confusion. I found myself going to the neurologist in being diagnosed. I was put on medication. These little white pill allow me to continue to communicate,listen and understand others.

The hardest thing to realize is that without this pill communication, writing and reading are very difficult. One little pill controls what I used to do best. It gives pause for reflection. It makes me stop and wonder what’s important in my life. The facts test whether I believe God is really in control.

The My dog gets it 2 book has been released and is available whatever books are sold and online through and Tate You know Diamante had great courage. She moved forward and went on with her day no matter what.When I think about what to do next, I think about that.

The Bible teaches us that everything belongs to God even Diamante and my memories. Is God in control. He is the only one that can be. Short term memory loss takes you out of the drivers seat. You lose your sense of invinciblity. I know that invincibility is just an illusion but…I want God to be in control. Admitting and acting on that fact takes courage and time. Everything belongs to God including me.

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