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A Paradox part 1

Many Christians don’t understand what is meant by the fact that there are several covenants in the bible. But rightly dividing the word means learning and understanding what each covenant means to us today. However, to keep things simple, I will tell you that the old covenant referred to in the above passage is before Jesus and the 2nd covenant is after Jesus’s death and resurrection. Jesus changed everything by becoming a ransom for our sin and allowing us to develop a personal relationship with God. Before God’s people needed a mediator, a high priest, remember Aaron from The Arc of The Covenant blog post. Jesus is our high priest. You know the bible speaks of the dangers of mixing the covenants.

Matthew 9:14-17 Amp says, “Then the disciples of John [the Baptist] came to Jesus, asking, “Why do we and the Pharisees often fast [as a religious exercise], but Your disciples do not fast?” And Jesus replied to them, “Can the guests of the bridegroom mourn while the bridegroom is with them? The days will come when the bridegroom is taken away from them, and then they will fast.  But no one puts a piece of unshrunk (new) cloth on an old garment; for the patch pulls away from the garment, and a worse tear results.  Nor is new wine put into old wineskins [that have lost their elasticity]; otherwise the wineskins burst, and the [fermenting] wine spills and the wineskins are ruined. But new wine is put into fresh wineskins, so both are preserved.”

Who is Jesus talking about? Himself, as usual. He is saying that he had to die because his disciples, who follow His teachings, can’t also follow the old laws. They are under new management. They are the beginning of something better, more and different. But not separate. A paradox. Jesus, himself was born under the law or the old covenant. He had to die to bring in something new, the Holy Spirit. A guide to the new way for you and me.  John 14: 15-16 Amp says,” And I will ask the Father, and He will give you another Helper (Comforter, Advocate, Intercessor—Counselor, Strengthener, Standby), to be with you forever— the Spirit of Truth, whom the world cannot receive [and take to its heart] because it does not see Him or know Him, but you know Him because He (the Holy Spirit) remains with you continually and will be in you.” Do you know what a paradox is? Webster’s dictionary defines it as a statement that is seemingly contradictory or opposed to common sense and yet perhaps is true.

An Example of a Paradox

Thanks for reading. God Bless You! Please keep an eye out for part 2 of A Paradox by GE Williams

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