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A Paradox part 2

A solar eclipse is a great example. The sun and the moon occupying the same sky was a misunderstood phenomenon for eons. But there is one happening on August 21, 2017. An eclipse has the sun and the moon occupying the same sky at the same time. But the sun and the moon are not occupying the same sky at all. The moon is actually passing between the Earth and the Sun. Because of this line up, the moon’s shadow is casting over the Earth. Amazing. Likewise, the Old testament laws haven’t gone away, they have just been eclipsed by Jesus. He has lined everything up for us. By following Him we fulfill the Old Laws without even trying. God’s thoughts will never be our thoughts and His ways are higher than our ways, but we don’t have to just believe that. Because of Jesus, we can measure it. It is quantifiable. We can see the results. We may not totally understand how one day could be 1,000 years in the natural, but the concept is within our grasp. For example, have you ever spent a billion dollars? No. Me either. However, can you measure a billion dollars. Can you grasp the concept that it is much more than you spend, probably, daily? If you really wanted could you find something that you can feel or touch or see that is worth a billion dollars?

Was God late as I said? Maybe a more realistic phrase would be that He missed the meeting. He didn’t save me from the moment when I thought I needed Him most. But that doesn’t mean He wasn’t there. It doesn’t mean that I wasn’t in God’s will. If one day on Earth is a thousand years in heaven, then it just wasn’t the right time. Now does that mean that it was a waste? No. Because God’s will for our live is not a bull’s eye. It is not that if we miss the mark it’s over. Instead it is a bunch of dots that connect in some way and shape the picture that is our lives. Much like a constellation that we might see in the night sky. It is OK to state the reality of what happened. He did miss the meeting. He didn’t save me, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t more to the story. If my best days are ahead of me and His plans for me are for good, then the next thing will be better. Then this thing, the thing that has broken my heart and made me cry, has been a means to an end. A test. The training before the prize. For, if I have already won the race because I believe in Jesus, as the bible indicates, then I just need to prepare to receive the prize. A paradox, I think so, but still very True and very Jesus.


Thanks for Reading. God Bless You and talk with you soon. GE Williams

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