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Victor Vice by GE Williams

Have you ever met a homeless person? I mean really met them. You know, found out their name and used it a conversation. Have you sat and listened to their story? Have you looked them in the eye or shaken their hand? Well, I had the opportunity to do that today as a volunteer. As I was assisting with collecting names and other information, I heard the other volunteers calling each person by name. It bought me joy to hear their names. One by one a mob of people became Rich, Miguel and Balthazar. They were American, Mexican and Portuguese. Citizen, Visitor and Alien. Some were homeless, some were poor in health, others were poor in status or poor in ability. Victor Vice was a man that really blessed me. He was an American man. He was tall and thin. He was a return patron to this event. The conversation started out with me asking his name for the paper work that I was filing out for each guest. “May I have your name, please?” I said. “Victor Vice,” he proudly responded. “Victor. I have always like that name and Vice, like Miami Vice?” I asked jokingly.

“Yes.” He said. “Vice means evil.” “On Miami Vice, the tv show, the detectives collected the evils of the community, the prostitutes and drug dealers. They put them away.” He recalled. He continued, “My first name is Victor. It is short for victory. Because I am a conqueror over evil.” When I asked him if he wanted prayer initially he said no. But I protested saying, “Even a victor could use a little help conquering evil.”  He thought about it and said, “Ok, how about world peace.” I smiled and said, “How about something more personal.” He looked down and said in a lower voice, “I have a grandson whose birthday is today. He is 2. Can you pray for him?” ”Ok,” I said. What had I just witnessed? A guy that is out of touched with reality? Someone who didn’t believe in prayer? Or maybe someone who is hurting or broken? Someone missing his family or his worth. How about someone that doesn’t want to face reality or can’t face reality. Was it really his grandson’s birthday?

              What I do know is that I was honored to meet him. He wasn’t just the poor or homeless. He had a face and a name and an identity. He felt pain. He felt loss. He wanted to be somebody. He wanted to be a hero. He was a hero at least in his mind. He wanted to be valued because he described himself as a victor over evil because his name was Victor Vice. Or maybe he just wanted to be called Victor Vice. Either way, he was right. He is a hero. What is your identity? Who do you tell people you are?  Do you know that is you have accepted Jesus Christ as you lord and savior that you are a victor over evil? Do you know why? Do you understand how? Belief, Faith like faith except not in yourself in what Jesus had done on the cross. Belief that his blood was shed for me and you for our forgiveness of sin. Belief that his body was severely broken on the cross for our healing, deliverance and wholeness. Are you hesitating to accept Jesus’s help?


Thank you for Reading. God Bless You and Victor Vice. Please look out for part 1 of Victor Vice. GE Williams

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