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Where Does God Speak part 1

Amazingly enough, despite the odds, it was an activity that was necessary for the Israelites to be continually led and blessed by God. By staying in God’s will, they were … Continue reading

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Where Does God Speak?

During the old testament days, there was an object that the Israelites carried around with them entitled the Ark of the Covenant. The Ark, as we will refer to it … Continue reading

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An Inspiration and a Friend

It was a sad day yesterday, june 20th. Diamante, my reflection of humbleness, passed away. She was 12 years old. I cried a lot. She was very special to me. … Continue reading

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Nothing Can Change That

I am beautiful. I am not perfect, but I am beautiful.It was a gift from God. Nothing can change that. Not marks on my face, not pimples, not looks or … Continue reading

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Get Understanding part 3

Here is another pastor that I watch, Pastor Joseph Price on television. Recently he shed some light on this passage for me. I think it is very fitting for our … Continue reading

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Get Understanding part 2

When I had to make a decision based on those questions, I was lost and open to incomplete suggestions and influences. I was like the wind blowing in whatever direction … Continue reading

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Get Understanding part 1

If you have said any of these things or worst about the bible then you, like myself, are proving a lack of understanding and wisdom in this area of our … Continue reading

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